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Whitethorn bush

Posted on December 17, 2010 by Marie

Some time ago in spring, my mother, my little sister and I went to the woods to pick white hawthorn blossoms to dry, so we could make herbal tea with it later. Hawthorn tea is very tasty and is widely known as ‘good for the heart’. We had discovered a good spot while we were driving around earlier, with a whole row of whitethorn bushes, a good way off the road, eye-catching and blossoming abundantly. So that’s where we went, armed with scissors and bags. When we got close, the trees wafted a strong sweet fragrance towards us as welcome 🙂
After picking we sat down under the big hawthorn bushes and asked,

Hawthorn, what would you like to say?

– “I’m standing here, shimmering in the surroundings. This is my most beautiful moment and I like to pass on this moment and I enjoy the fact that you will keep it and recall it when you soak the dried flowers and drink it. I lay a piece of myself in every flower and in every leaf.”

What makes you who you are?

– “I’m a flower and I’m a tree that gives the force to feel the spring in yourself again; that is my power and that is why I’m so special.”

Don’t you find it a pity that not everyone is coming to see how gorgeous you are standing here? What would you like the people to do?

– “For preference I like to be used for good purposes. Whether or not people see me doesn’t matter to me, I don’t need that. If people use my possibilities consciously then this gives me joy.”

They say you are good for the heart. Is that true?

– “The heart is strong when it carries joy in itself.”

Wouldn’t you prefer that we pick all your flowers, dry them and share them with all the people?

– “I also have flowers for nature and for the insects, not all is meant for the people, so you don’t have to strip me bare, I would prefer you wouldn’t, actually.”

Who are you?

-“I’m the being that lives in every hawthorn.”

Are you an Angel then? Or an elf?

– “I’m not an angel, and neither an elf. I’m a coordinating tree-being. My energy lies around every hawtorn tree – around and in. They are me and I am them. I know everything about them and they know everything they need to know.”

Is there anything else you would like to say?

– “If you want to know what I do and who I am, I tell you, and if you have more questions, I will reply, but for me talking is a thing to which I am unaccustomed. I can do it if I’m requested to, but if no-one asks me, I keep silent and I’m just joyful in myself.”

Thank you, hawthorn.


© Marie Crevits,

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