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Telepathy and the quality of discernment

Posted on February 20, 2021 by Marie

Ever since my early childhood, telepathy was quite a normal thing in our home, my father later even made it his life’s work. Thanks to his telepathic ability he gave courses titled, ‘A deeper sense of life’, which are presently being published as books, and personal messages from Master Morya, many thousands of messages for thousands of people, most of whom often returned to him because of the help and comfort those messages brought them.

Now and then, I myself also received a message and was happy with it, even though in the beginning I wasn’t yet able to fully value those messages because I was so young. Only later did I discover how incredibly valuable and unique they really were and how special the telepathic contact of my father (Geert Crevits) with Master Morya actually was.

Geert Crevits and Master Morya

My father and I sometimes had conversations about telepathy, about what it is and how it works, and in the course of the years I sought out my own telepathic possibilities and competence. When I was twenty I finally found the key and within a few weeks had unfolded my skills to make telepathic contact with my own soul, my inner Master, and with the souls of others – people, animals, unborn babies, nature beings, etc. After some five years I started to teach my method of telepathy to others. For ten years I taught the course “Telepathy and Intuitive Development”; more than 500 people in different countries and speaking different languages learned this technique and got a taste of what it is to make a verbal contact with the soul.

Even if I don’t give these courses anymore, telepathy remains an important part of my life. Time and time again, however, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of ignorance around telepathy and many misunderstandings still continue to exist, and that’s why I eventually decided to create this blog post.

What is telepathy?

The word “telepathy” is nowadays mostly used as a general word that covers some very different  meanings. Here is an overview:

Transference of thoughts

Upon hearing the word “telepathy”, many people think first and foremost of the ability to ‘read someone’s mind’. But I would rather call this ‘mental communication’. Mental communication or the transference and reception of thoughts is definitely possible. The easiest way to have mental communication is when you are having a long, calm drive in the car with someone that you trust, especially when you are both sensitive people and when one of the two is more talkative than the other. The other will think of something and the first one will unconsciously pick it up and then blurt it out. This transference of thoughts is also trainable, but it is difficult because people usually don’t have enough control over their thoughts and also think in a very fickle manner – thinking one thing at one moment and something else the next. In my opinion, mental communication is something nice when it happens, but it isn’t really a huge added value for your life.

Transference of feelings

There’s also another sort of subtle communication whereby strong feelings are transferred. This mostly happens between people that have a close blood-tie, such as twins or mothers and daughters. No matter how far away they are from each other, when something bad or emotional happens to one of them, the other is sometimes able to pick this up and feel it, and many people call this ‘telepathy’ as well.

To take on someone else’s feelings or ‘adopt’ their feelings, however, is something which almost all people do now and then (or sometimes even often), but it almost always happens unconsciously and thus unnoticed. If you feel pity or, on the contrary, irritation or disapproval towards someone, it may be that you are taking on this other person’s emotion in you and adopting it as your own. Not long afterwards you then, for instance, feel angry, sad or restless without knowing why. You don’t realize that you picked up that other person’s anger or sadness. This process of adopting the feelings of others is something that occurs so often that it can almost be called normal, however in itself it is not natural and it is also not good to allow this to take place. As soon as you become aware of it you can try to let this adopted feeling leave you. In the course of time you may, by learning to always better stay centered within yourself during close contacts, learn to not adopt other’s feelings at all. In this way you will lose less energy and at the same time you will become less able to be manipulated.

Mediumship and channeling

Mediums or psychic people are people who are in contact with what many people call ‘the other side’, so having contact with deceased people, guides or other kinds of beings. They are channeling messages. I would like to make a clear distinction between mediumship and telepathy.

To be a medium is relatively easy, some people would easily be able to do it if they would like. When receiving messages as a medium, you make use of the natural sensitivity of your emotional body. The emotional body of the medium makes a connection with the emotional bodies of other people (for instance their clients) and/or with astral beings and they do so by way of the astral world. The information that is being transferred in this way can sometimes be very striking and  seem to be convincingly correct. Psychic messages can be very impressive and contain information that the person who channels would not otherwise be able to know. Still, mediumship is not something which I would advise, not as something to do yourself, but also not to consult as a source of information or advice.

The medium or psychic person that gives you a message or consult attune themselves (consciously or unconsciously) to the world of your feelings – your emotions, hurts, fears, dreams, needs, insecurities, emotional wants and your desires. Through this they are sometimes able to say striking and recognizable things about you, but what they perceive is in fact coloured and distorted. When they say something about your future for instance, they don’t really perceive the future but a part of your fears and/or desires for the future.

So, mediums and psychics are by definition channeling from the astral sphere. To understand this well, I need to explain what exactly the ‘astral sphere’ is.

The astral world is very large, many times larger than the physical world and as diverse as can be, with all kinds of levels, going from the lowest, which are crude and hellish, to the highest, which are enchantingly beautiful and almost heavenly, and everything in between. The astral spheres are – like the earthly sphere – a school, a training ground, where everything is present and where you can learn all the colours and gradations of good and bad, but no matter how high you go, it always remains a sphere of duality and of transience. So, sooner or later, you have to grow beyond this sphere, you have to leave it if you want to reach the love of the heart.

When push comes to shove the astral sphere is a sphere of ‘quid pro quo’, a world that cannot offer love, a sphere of ‘I also want my share’, and also a sphere of seeking self-acknowledgment. It is also called the mirror sphere. It mirrors all kinds of things to show you what is going on in your personality, so you can get to know your own emotions and desires. Do you long for acknowledgement, praise, approval? The astral sphere will give it to you, but this acknowledgement is only an illusion, a mirroring that is not based upon reality. This soon makes the astral sphere a place of deception and hidden selfishness, for those who therein seek their satisfaction.

Beings from the astral sphere like to pose as great Masters, Light Beings, Angels, Archangels, Saints and known figures from history. They impress by sharing information that people want to hear or know, if necessary they speak the prettiest words that sound very elevating, but in reality these beings try to feed on people’s desire for sensation, or else on the emotional need of the people that make contact with them or that listen to the message. These beings live off the emotional energy of people and they will do everything to get and keep getting attention. The medium or psychic cooperates in this for the sake of one of many possible reasons, for instance to share in the attention, to earn a living, to help ‘save’ the world, or simply out of ignorance.

Doing psychic work is not without danger for the medium. People who are open to messages and to beings through the astral level or who use their emotional body to get information from outside of themselves, are doing something which goes against their own body and after a short or longer time they can experience great fatigue, disease or loss of energy, zest for living or willpower. This is a way of the physical body to warn the person that he or she is doing something which isn’t healthy.

For the person who receives or reads a channelled or psychic message, things are also not so positive, because a part of the message that you receive will be true, but another part may not be. Some information or advice that is given is not correct and will cause you to become confused. To find your own truth again and find your way out of the confusion is often not easy and may in some cases take years. In the best case scenario, the message is not necessarily untrue or confusing, but simply useless and without constructive value.

Normally you will feel within yourself that something is not right, but because you look up to the person from whom you received the message, you will brush aside your own doubts and so hush yourself: “Surely they know better than I do.” NEVER do that!

Telepathic contact through the soul

Real telepathy – what I call telepathy – is a process that takes place on a much higher level of consciousness, namely on the level of the soul. True Masters, Angels and Light Beings operate in the spotless world of the soul, in the divine spheres where there is no duality but unity, where there is no sanctimoniousness, but wisdom and patience, where there is no good and bad, but only Divine, impersonal love which gives even the smallest things significance and makes them meaningful.

To be able to keep up telepathic contact with the spheres of the soul presupposes that you are firstly and foremostly able to live in your heart for a prolonged period of time (read: many years or even many lives). So, living with the values of love, which means: you never let yourself be guided by emotions like jealousy, anger, irritation, pity, fear of lacking, fear of rejection, pride, contempt etc. You do not feel criticism and don’t think that you know better than someone else what is good for that person. You live with simplicity and with the power of impersonal love, you have a balanced, placid life attitude and an unshakable trust. You express an honest love in all that you do and say, firstly towards the people close by (your parents, your partner, your children, your family, your colleagues…). Whatever your fate may be, you make the best out of it. Whatever your work may be, you do it whole-heartedly and with goodness. When you  live in this way with the heart on a daily basis, you are able – in your heart – to come into contact with your soul and, through your soul, with the souls of others.

The soul is a piece of Divinity within us. In my courses I usually gave this explanation about why telepathy works: God lives within us. The soul is a piece of God that is our core. However, God is indivisible, this is one of the qualities of God: God is indivisible. So when we find that one piece of God within us, then at the same time we also find the way to the other pieces of God, because God is one. When I find the piece of God within myself, then because of that, I also find the piece of God in the other. And thus telepathy is a transference of information that happens through the Divine part of yourself.

The result is messages that are agelessly important, that help you to integrate values into your life, that help you as a human to become more yourself, to become free, to be stronger and more unique, less dependent on circumstances, on others, on the past, on your emotions or your thoughts. And because the message comes from the level of the heart, the words are simple and plain.

The emotional level usually desires pompous or woolly language, it can be patronizing or on the contrary praise someone to the skies. The mental sphere loves big, fancy words that sound smart and distinguished. But the main characteristic of the heart is simplicity.

Examples of true telepathic messages with a Master of Wisdom you will find in all the books on


My conclusion is that most misunderstandings about telepathy originate because people don’t sufficiently realize that the quality of a “telepathic message” is dependent upon the life and disposition of the human author, i.e. of the person who received and transmitted the message. Whoever gives messages to others with the goal to impress, to be important, to make themselves feel better, to receive gratitude or to build up acknowledgement, has not yet reached the heart. Whoever in their own life is focused on accumulating power, money, standing, material security or other external things, is still in the mirror sphere and cannot possibly work together telepathically with great Masters or Beings of Light. The difference between pure and almost-but-not-quite-pure is sharp but not always outwardly visible, so you need to use your own inner sense to discriminate. Also, pay attention to the person’s simplicity or to how much they still value formal, external or material things.

The quality and nature of ‘telepathy’ thus depend on the person who does it, and NOT on the One who (really or allegedly) telepathically speaks. Many people don’t realize this, don’t make any distinction and don’t practice any discernment. “Mary Magdalene told me”, they will say, but they do not think WHO made or received that particular message of Mary Magdalene.

Be aware that there are many sorts and levels of “telepathy”. Be sensible and use your power of discernment. Never look up to anyone, also not to people who are telepathic and give messages. Know that not all that glitters is gold, and that there is a lot of sham. Especially on the internet it is not easy, or even possible, to always find out who exactly is the person behind a certain ‘telepathic message’ and how this person lives and exists.

… So use your own compass. But how does one do this?

When you encounter a so-called telepathic message, for example by mail or on the internet and that sort of thing, then at first certainly do not read it word for word but just skim over it, go over it superficially while you listen to your heart and try to sense:

- Is the content simple, bright, light?
- Does this message strengthen me or not?
- Are the words that stand out from the text plain and clear or are there many difficult, fancy words?
- Is the undertone of the message normal, kind-hearted and pleasant, or rather pedantic or roundabout?
- Do I feel within myself that it emits truth, or not quite?
- Is it loving and universal?
- Does my heart tell me that it will help me to go forward, that I will really be able to do something with it or does it merely give a kind of mental satisfaction?

If it doesn’t feel completely and wholly good, then drop it! Don’t content yourself with half-and-half wisdom. In your heart you possess a reliable barometer that can guide you and that always tells you whether something is useful and good for you or not – you only need to want to listen to it.

By skimming through a message about which you might have doubts, you can stay centered and form your own opinion.

When you read a not-so-good message directly word for word it’s easy to go along with the lower-mental and astral energy of the message and get beguiled.

Don’t be deceived, trust yourself and always listen to yourself first before accepting advice from anyone else!

☸ ☸ ☸

To conclude, I am adding three citations on this theme from the books of Master Morya (by Geert Crevits). They are very interesting and definitely worth reading through to the end!

“In coming into contact with the spheres you must first pass through some spheres where there are beings who pose as angels but who are not what they claim to be. This is a mirror sphere and a person must learn to know this dimension before entering the real sphere. This Earth also has various spheres that are not real and people must become familiar with these as well. Make sure that love is your guide in this sphere, as well as in the other spheres.”

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, from: “Morya Wisdom 4: Trust in yourself”, chapter 7  ©

“The age of Aquarius brings with it the possibility for people to have greater depth. But because this is a period of transition it also brings mirror images.   It may be that you end up in such a mirror image situation, an experience you think is very important but in fact isn’t. Understand that these kinds of mirror images which come from heaven to earth will often contain deformations until such time as the channel is clear, until you have so adjusted that you are able to work with love and from love.  Only then will you be able to understand the messages in their authenticity.

You shouldn’t immediately agree with everything you hear and with every change that comes along.  You must proceed with care and know that the mainstay for everything in existence is love.  It is impossible to overestimate the importance of love.  Try to live in purity and try to find the way in yourself.  This means meditating, learning to deal with the word, striving to be sincere with yourself, learning to trust and, most of all, being able to put things into perspective, so that you can say:  “Look, I will judge for myself what I think about these changes confronting me.” You should always do this.

You shouldn’t join groups unless you find you can keep being yourself there.  Whatever takes place in the group, stay sensible and stay yourself.  Don’t go along with everything and make sure you stay in control.  This means having patience and being able to develop yourself from within.  This is very important because otherwise you may get involved in new things of which you only realize later on: ‘I shouldn’t have done this because it wasn’t really what I was searching for’.

So you should try to find links to your own development, to your own search.  This is so important because otherwise you can lose yourself by going along with others in their development. Others develop in their own way and often they may tend to exaggerate things and cause confusion. This is because the great mirages that will come, say from heaven, from other realms, and which accompany the new energies, will overwhelm people and deluge them with values. But these are then not real values, but mirror values.  Possibly they will be presented in such a beautiful and fantastic way that people will go along with them and think that now they have only really begun to live.  Nevertheless this is only a heralding of the real transition to come.

The real change happens in the heart, in the love and in the core of the human being that reveals the profoundness of the Divine.  This is very real, very down-to-earth and very transforming in everyday life.”

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, from: Morya Wisdom book 5: Het woord in de stilte (“The word within the silence”), chapter 7 (translated from Dutch) ©

“When you enter the spheres the first things you will encounter are those things that involve yourself.  Then you try to become yourself with and from this contact with the spheres and you encounter a reflection:  what is there within myself?  A yearning for excellence, for ideals, for the infinite, for beauty, for a heavenly sphere… makes that this is then what you encounter in the spheres.  The first thing you get from this is self-assurance: I’m wonderful, for they say so. It’s all about you.  Your searching has brought you confirmation, and you see a kind of mirroring: all this is in me and it’s fantastic and it’s being confirmed.  This assures you that: I’m doing the right thing and I’m doing this and that.  This is the mirror image but not the real world.

If you can break through the mirror then suddenly you can clearly see how the other is himself and also see in what way he is different from you.  When you open yourself for the other, as they really are, you break through the mirror.  When you no longer concentrate on the other and no longer say: “The other should be like this and like that and so on”, but instead accept them as they really are, then you break through the mirror.

If you enter the spheres, no longer interested in yourself and how your development compares to the mirror image, then you allow the sphere to speak for itself and you no longer say: I want to be someone brilliant and worshipped by the spheres.  For as long as there is a sort of egoism in the person, if he is on a kind of ego trip, then he enters the spheres seeking self-assurance about how great he really is.

This is how you can tell the difference between the real sphere and the mirror sphere.  The real sphere speaks of things that are true and not about the self-assurance the person is hoping to find for himself.  The sphere of love is a sphere that empowers the other, but from a completely different perspective.  It allows the other to be him or herself, it doesn’t say the other is doing wrong and doesn’t force him to do certain things.

No, love makes the person open, enabling them to grow in all possible ways.  Love respects the other as he really is.  It doesn’t reflect, or reflects only inasmuch as it can show clearly to the other how he really is and what it is he is really searching for.  In this sense love allows the other to evolve into who he really should be.   Though very subtle, it is recognizable, because love will always be revealing, it will always reveal things to the other that, as it were, he would not know by himself and through which he will be able to significantly evolve, surpass himself and know:  this is my evolution, like this I can proceed and reach the reality of the Divine, the reality of my fellowmen and women, the reality of this earth.  He can reach any reality, as long as it lies further along the way than the person who is mirroring.

Reflection is the first thing one always encounters.  At first you are always focused on getting to know yourself better and finally you also learn to see others as they really are. This is the same in the spheres.  First you are focused upon yourself, in order to orientate yourself, to get to know yourself, and only later do you learn to get to know others as they really are.  Who is the Angel?  Who is the Master?  Who is God?  And so on….  The person allows himself to be confronted with the other, as they actually are.  Only then will you leave the mirror sphere and enter the reality of existence, of the Hierarchy, of everything there is.

This, of course, is assuming there is purity in the person and that the person has the love needed to break through the mirror sphere and to experience and accept the real values that reality, the greater reality, offers him.  This is the difference, that one finds the essential things in oneself.

If you are caught up in feelings, thoughts, desires or physical development, then you can never break free from the mirror sphere.  You must live from your heart and delve deep within your consciousness, within the divine consciousness, in order to know the universality and love on this earth, and then you can learn to know Divine Love, also in the spheres.  Realize, therefore, that the same laws apply in the spheres as on earth, namely the laws of love.  These laws are revelatory. They do not enslave, do not delude, do not call for submissiveness, are not restrictive, but allow you to open yourself, to grow, to develop in beauty and in the divine values which are brought to the fore. This is a long journey.

This means that as you approach the spheres, and also in the spheres, you must remain clear-headed.  You must recognise the true values, which are exactly the same as those here on earth. So there are values, there are different spheres, and there are all kinds of different experiences possible, just as on earth. Above as below, below as above – this is the great principle.  What is true and beautiful here on earth is also true and beautiful in the spheres. Therefore there is also a great deal of illusion, of reflection and many things that try to boost your self-esteem but that still don’t teach you what reality is.

You must use your discretion well.  Try to live in such a way as to first bring out the true values in your life, so that you can break free from the mirror image.


If you can learn these things on this earth, then you can experience these same things in the spheres.  But if you haven’t learned them here on this earth, you will not be able to learn them in the spheres.  The one depends on the other.”

Master Morya

Geert Crevits, from: Morya Wisdom book 5: Het woord in de stilte (“The word within the silence”), chapter 11 (translated from Dutch) ©


© Marie Crevits,

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