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Posted on 1st February 17, 2011 by Marie

I’ve been having some questions about praying and prayers lately, and yesterday evening I decided to find an answer to them. I went to the nearest chapel (a mini Mother Mary cave, quite popular with the local people) and armed myself with candles and my laptop.

De kleine grot

As usual, I started my telepathic conversation with the question if there was someone who wanted to talk to me.

Who can I talk to?

– “To Me”

I was surprised about the capital letter in ‘Me’, this is very unusual. Apparently, someone very high up was prepared to answer my questions. So I asked politely:

Who are You?

– “I am Mother Mary”

This was a happy surprise, because even though I had hoped it, I hadn’t truly expected to talk straight to the Divine Mother! I started off my interview with the appropriate humbleness.

I am coming to You in this chapel to pray, but I don’t know how to do that. I brought candles, but no-one has ever taught me the right way to burn a candle. Can You please tell me?

– “Everyone can come to My chapels and churches and holy places, I will always help them. To pray you open your heart by thinking of Me and by asking My help for your problems.”

Lady Mary immediately continued with Her reply to my question about how to burn a candle.

– “To burn a candle there is one way which is better than the others, namely that you first hold the candle without it burning, put your problem or your question inside it during a prayer or a short meditation and then you light the candle, preferably by holding it to another burning candle while you are imagining that you are connecting the divine light to your problem.

Then you put the candle near the statue and say within yourself “I give my problem to You my Mother and I trust that You will help me by Your grace and Your infinite love” and then you let go of your problem, as if it were already solved.

The main element of any prayer is trust.
Firstly the trust that God hears and sees you
Secondly that God will help you
And thirdly that God always knows what is best for you.”

When you have a problem, is it better to ask for help or should we trust that God is taking care of us and will help us when the correct time will have come for us to be helped?

– “When you have a problem, you MUST always ask for help.
My grace is only there for those who want it.
If you do not ask for My grace, it is not clear whether you really desire it.
Perhaps you like your problem and you don’t want to get rid of it at all.
If you want to get rid of it, you should make it clear by telling Me. Then I can swing into action to do something about it.”

Burning candles

Is it better to burn a candle than not to burn a candle?

– “Yes.”

Why is that so, My Lady?

– “Because you bring the force of the divine fire to your prayer.
The fire-being is very powerful because it is capable of carrying the divine energy and even of activating it. Fire is the form of God.”

Mother Mary, is this little chapel a special place? Are some places or chapels more special than others?

–– “My energy is present everywhere, on every square millimeter of this earth.
Still, some places are different to others.”


– “To some places I came. I come, that means that I approach with My heart. I am there with My heart and that is what people feel, the love that flows over from My heart. It is food for the soul and the heart of people.”

Is Your heart here in this little cave too?

– “Don’t you feel it? I am here, I see you and I hear your prayers. I remember every time you come here and what for. I know every person entering here.”

Yes, I feel it. That’s why I keep coming here… Mother Mary, should we visit a chapel whenever we want to feel Your heart?

– “Of course not. If you have felt My heart once, I am always around you and you can always ask that I would come close to you with My heart.”

How do You respond?

– “You ask innerly: ‘Mary my merciful Mother let me feel Your presence, come to me and take me in Your soft arms to protect me and to guide me’, or something like that.
Every prayer coming straight from your heart, comes straight into Mine and then I respond to that.”

Hoe reageert U dan?

– “I send My energy mostly. I send one of My angels to be with you or to solve your problem.”

But I thought You were coming to us with Your heart?

– “My angels are My heart.”

Are there angels in a chapel too?

– “Of course.”

What do these angels do? Are they independent or do they act only upon the wishes of Your heart?

– “Both. My heart is so wise that it can independently look into certain people.
My heart is brimming with so much power, and power always has the property of being able to change according to the situation and the person it is dealing with.
My powers of My heart spread out towards the people who pray to Me and according to the needs of these people they are as is suitable.
And a power that is adjusted in this way is what one calls an angel.”

Can we pray for problems which do not belong to us? For friends for example or for people on the other side of the world having trouble, even if we don’t know them?

– “You can pray for whomever of whatever you like.
The more you ask, the more you are calling on My powers and the more I can do in this world.”

Is it correct to ask for Your help for all of our problems? For instance praying for money or profit, how can this be appropriate?

– “You can ask anything, but material things you can ask for only once. Regular problems you can ask only once, as I explained, and then you must trust that God heard you and will bring the solution to you at the right time.
In the course of time, when you pray a lot, you will have asked everything before and then all there is left for you is the prayer for light.
Asking for light is the most beautiful prayer there is because light is the most special thing God has created.
Light is the ultimate beauty, softness, love, wisdom, force and always everything that wants to make perfection.
Light wants everything to be perfect in beauty
And something is perfect when it is flexible, splendid and never the same, just like My angels, always perfect and never the same.”

Dear Mother, can You say something to the people who will read the blog?

– “My children, live within the faith that I am close to you and that you can always call on Me. Be strong and powerful and full of good dreams for a good life.
Work to make your life good and beautiful and never think you are past your peak. The most beautiful things always lie ahead and this can happen every day – every day can be more beautiful than the previous one, not because spectacular things are happening but because you can find My peace and My power in your heart and you can share it with the people around you.
Be happy and be strong.”



© Marie Crevits,

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