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Laura in India – part 3

Posted on April 19, 2011 by Lydia

Travel account of Laura’s trip to India, February-March 2011
(written by Lydia, Laura’s Mum)

For this travel account, we showed our pictures to Laura. What Laura said during the trip or afterwards as comment to the photos is marked in blue.

2nd March 2011, 7.24 am

I was still sleeping because I had given my instructions earlier not to wake me

Morning ritual of the 48-day ‘puja’ (worship) for the ShivaLingam which has been placed above Swami’s body. The temple is still adorned with the Samadhi ceremony decorations. It’s traditionally like for a … wedding. The Saint’s soul merges into God.


my eldest sister got married and I got to stay in bed to dreambut all my faith was there that they will do well

In all simplicity and strength, the essential parts of the ritual: tying of the gold ‘tali’ to the neck of the beloved, the couple exchanges flower garlands, they kneel and receive the blessing from the spiritual Master (through Swami Kamalananda, out of jail for a few days) and from the happy parents.


In the meantime preparations are made for the 24 hour non-stop chanting of ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ which starts at 8 am. On a shrine in the back of the newly built temple over 40 Lingams are displayed, the first one of every year which was born out of Swami’s mouth during the holy night of Mahashivarathri, meaning litterally: the great night of Shiva (around the new moon in spring)


Laura and her kind sitter for the occasion. Sweet dreams is the word.


Bride and groom: they have been coming to this beautiful Ashram for many years for spirituality and service.
They received Swami’s blessing and good advice for a good marriage together and this is the road they are now travelling.


Young spiritual people from around the world meet. These are small blessed moments of great value, both for them and for the world.


in the temple I usually pick out someone to sit next to
because I like inner challenges I don’t just pick the easiest people; I choose those for whom I can perhaps bring about something and this usually happens, so that people stand up for themselves and want me out of the way or else they themselves begin to move that is also good or else they are happy with me, that is the best possibility but it is the hardest one

to accept movement is the hardest thing in life

but any reaction is okay


but quite often the result was that mum made me stand up to leave the people behind in their own restlessness and then that’s what I do

Laura has the art of consciously sitting so close to people that they are forced to take her into account. She rarely chooses the easiest people, neither does she choose the easiest road in her life.

On this photo, Laura has been banished to the side.


I liked to walk when it was cool
then I also didn’t need to be quiet

When things go too far, Laura goes for a walk with Mum. At the end of the road there’s the building with the pure water taps. It’s quite desolate and we can sing there and make music in the wonderful cool of the night.

bijschrift foto

3rd March 2011 4.57 pm

In the presence of a few people an enormous pinkish ‘Lingam’ appeared in the middle of some flowers.


Everyone gathers to look, to sing and to receive the blessing. Several people witnessed a lot of light around the Lingam, and this light remained around the blessed people for a while.


on my head the newborn and appeared lingam
so soft and so beautiful and full of only light very beautiful and fantastic

 Friday 4th March 2011, morning

I didn’t want to throw that earth but I didn’t have to

Every day something different is going on around the Samadhi. Usually everyone is being involved in all ceremonies, and today the last backbreakingly heavy slab of stone is to be placed on the opening. It takes hours before all the children of the orphanage and all the people staying here permanently or temporarily have come by with some sand.


Laura arrived when everyone has gone. She likes to sit in the temple, plunged in humming and play.

In the meanwhile I’m also just sitting there a bit, and I hear Marie talking to Poobalan, a strapping lad who sat on my lap when he was still just a skinny little boy in an indianly overcrowded taxi. He recounts that small children sitting on their mother’s arm see Swami walking and wave at him but the grown-ups around them can’t see.

He suggests to have Laura walk around in the Samadhi. We’re allowed to accompany her (sister Marie and myself – quite extraordinary for me thanks to Laura, but I didn’t experience anything special)

 14.41 am

I was allowed to walk around on the samadhi and I could sit for as long as I wanted on top of it and then I talked to swami about the ashram and about europe and the people and our conclusion was that everything will be fine and that it’s beautiful how life goes and how god carries everything in his hands


This Ashram is so special, small-scale and at the same time so divine, full of children and flowers (but an umbrella is no luxury for Laura’s sensitive head)

our cat looks almost just the same

(I was just thinking that this cat looks really exactly like one of ours, but for Laura apparantly there is a difference)

5th March 2011, 10 am

all the people look for a way to spend their time when there is not much left to do and that’s how you can see what they look for in their life
when they choose a small job they want to go forward
when they want to be left alone they are searching for peace and when they are picking a fight they are searching for themselves

but everything has a great symbolic meaning

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