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Laura in India – deel 4

Posted on April 26, 2011 by Lydia

Travel account of Laura’s trip to India, February-March 2011
(written by Lydia, Laura’s Mum)
PART 4 (Day 9 until final day in India)

For this travel account, we showed our pictures to Laura. What Laura said during the trip or afterwards as comment to the photos is marked in blue.

5th March 2011, 11.18 am

the three ladies you see here came to the ashram not to receive but to give and that was very beautiful


A very small group of people gathered around these women explaining about ‘essenian healing.’ Well-known of Jesus’ time, but also with the Hopi Indians, the Mayas, the Aboriginals,… and in the ancient Egypt and in Atlantis, the continent that sunk twelve thousand years ago. There they received it from Beings from the stars. It uses sounds and oils and especially a lot of pure love.

Laura is allowed to come every day to receive healing. Right away the women are distinctly sweet towards her.
We have to walk through the heat for half an hour first because Laura walks very slowly, but the reward is worth it! The healings are a true joy for her, she’s taken seriously, she’s understood and valued for her right great significance, something which hardly ever happens.

The hospital building is also nice and cool and quite empty. Downstairs there is only a French dentist checking and treating day after day the odd 500 children of the orphanage, and whenever he tended to a child’s tooth, we can hear him sing special sounds, to close the gap in the aura around where the wound was made. Yes, a method from the mists of time and yet so futuristic.

Going upstairs is a challenge, but there we find the ‘Rishi shop’, selling pretty Indian stuff.

We all find things here to our taste.

in the shop I get to lie down on the floor and that is cool and pleasant

martine taught me to look at myself

Martine is happy with Laura and Laura is equally happy with Martine.

6th March 2011, 9.36 pm

I like to visit our neighbours
People are nice

 March 2011, 11.40 am

my sister is leaving to have a beautiful trip with her spiritually wed new husband

I get to sleep in her nice room now

occasionally there are animals in the roof

Across the road we look out on the girls dormitory and garden. Laura quickly finds out how to get in by walking along a group of children.

children are the world’s greatest wealth

In their best English (the littlest children only speak their mother tongue Tamil), some girls tell me things like “Lara, I like her.” “Lara my friend.” Or: “Lara can sit in my class Tuesday” and so on…

I’m very touched by the children’s purity and beauty.

Windmill and view on the roof of the ‘dharmasala’ (dining hall)

eating is always a surprise in india
sometimes the food is nice and sometimes really not but it always looks indian

marie helps me with the rice grains when I don’t have a spoon


ganga lives in the ashram to work
she likes me and I like her

aarti has nice cucumbers for me

Aarti is a friend of Laura and she has a fridge. She’s not home when we arrive but Lieve who is staying there during her stay, let us in.

I know lieve from belgium
she likes me too and I like her

I have a lot of friends when I am in the ashram


here marie was teaching me how to turn the light
after a while I can do it

9th March, 4.48 pm

our time in the ashram is nearly over
now I can go home again to daddy and to the nice food and the cool sun

in india the sun is much hotter than at home and it fatigues my heart

but when the time is right, I will come back here

10th March 2011, 6.42 am

The sunbeams shed a golden glow onto the Lingam in the heart of the temple during the morning ritual.

10th March 2011, 12.12 am

Checking in for our domestic flight to Chennai.

Read on: the final part of the trip!

© Lydia Crevits,

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