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Conversation with the big oak in the forest

Posted on September 6, 2011 by Marie

Recently I heard about the oldest tree in the forest near where we live. It’s an oak and it’s humbly hidden between the other trees, but rather exceptionally standing in the exact middle of a tiny little island. The ‘island’ is encircled by a shallow brooklet which is usually dry in summer so you can easily pass without getting wet or even muddy. A good friend showed me the way and together we went there to have a telepathic interview with the big oak.

Who can spot the two little gnomes in this picture?
(my niece and nephew came along with me when I went back to the oak to take pictures)

Beautiful oak, did you consciously choose to come and live here on this island?

I have always been here

Do you have a certain responsibility here? What do you do?

I am keeper of the forest. I take care of a piece of forest and carry responsibility for its wellbeing. For that reason I stand where I am if you like, but I was not born for this task; it is mine because of my age.
Every tree is capable of taking responsibility once he or she gets of age. That’s because we receive information from the sun; the more years we lived the richer we are in sun-knowledge and we can then transform into responsibility. It’s an energy we absorb when we are young and emit as we grow older.

The sun is an underestimated force; she does much more than we think and we should make much more use of her. Saying ‘we’ I mean people because we trees already do so. ‘You’ in fact, but I don’t like to talk in this kind of distant manner. You and me, we and you, there is not so much difference except that there are differences. I know what I have to do and my life is much more straightforward and simple than the life of a human being.

People like to make everything complicated, and that is their right, it has certain advantages too but a lot of people are unbridledly complicated and so forget themselves and that is in fact really not positive for them. Simplicity is to a certain extent really indispensable for the life of a whole human being. I mean that when you live outside of yourself because you don’t really know anymore who you are because you are running ahead of yourself and because you live your life in function of the world then you are only partly human and that is not a pretty sight.

A person who is himself because he or she chooses for the things he or she really wants, that is pretty to see, really beautiful, refreshing to the eye of a tree and really also an added value to the earth. When they walk past I am inclined to want to give them even more happiness for as far as that is within my possibilities, just because it is so pretty.

When they walk past it is also easier for me to give them happiniess, much easier than people who do not know themselves, they are much more closed even though in fact they are too open. I mean that those people are too much oriented towards others and the world of things and in that sense they are too open outwards, but on the inside they are closed. Which doesn’t mean that people who are open on the inside, would be closed on the outside, not at all.

I have great energies at my disposal because they come with my responsibility and I’m allowed to spend a part of my energy on people if I so wish. So when people come to me or walk in my forest and they are open inside, I will give them some of that energy. What this does, is that this energy flows.

My energy and the energy of most trees causes flow and movement. This means that things become free and that more space is made for life and for movement and strength. I create flow and happiness flows, you can feel that, when you are happy you feel the stream within yourself.

I tell you, when you make yourself flow inside then happiness comes by itself. Both are directly connected to each other. Whoever is happy, flows. And whoever can flow, becomes happy. That is how I can say that I am capable of giving happiness to people even though happiness come from within. But if I can make you flow then happiness will well up by itself from inside of you.

Every person has happiness ingrained inside but it has to be allowed to come out and for that you need to unplug the stopper from the source. If you are choked up inside, you are stale. If you flow you are fresh and happiness and relaxation is splashing naturally. And if you flow, you are also a refreshing and quenching source for others, but unintendedly, it’s a side effect if you like. You don’t flow so you can quench others – it just happens. A bit like a tree providing shade – it just happens because of how we are and it doesn’t take any effort.

Kan je nog meer uitleg geven over hoe we de zon beter kunnen benutten?

I can unfold my theories if you like. I mean my knowledge. Theory is not a good word, it makes it sound as if I think something but it’s not proven. Anyway. I can tell you what I know.
The sun carries in itself energy plus information. Both are caught by all beings. Energy makes the plants grow, but the information as well, they are both indispensable. I say information, but every light possesses information. But sunlight has the most amount of information. In fact the information of a lamp is just an insignificant trifle compared to the sun. Okay.

So we are getting this information from the sun without our awareness. The best thing would be if you would open up to this sun power consciously, because that’s what it is in fact. The energy and information of the sun are bearer of power. Because you are more powerful if you know more. At least that is the case if what you know, is truth.

Those who have a lot of book knowledge but don’t know anything about life, will not be powerful. True knowlegde always gives power, it is a measure to know if something is true or not.

So the knowlegde of the sun gives power. If you want to make better use of the sun, you can consciously take up her energy in your heart. A person’s heart is a mini-sun. That mini-sun can be fed by the outer sun by allowing it. And you can allow it through love and gratitude.

So if you think of the sun or if you are sitting in the sun and you are grateful and you feel love in your heart, then the power of the outer sun comes into your own heart because it is the same kind of energy place and then your own sun can charge, a bit like every young tree does it. And if you expose your heart to that loving energy often enough, you become like a big tree who can begin to emit what he has received because you have allowed that which the sun has always wanted to give you.


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