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Conversation with Scottisch creatures

Posted on December 26, 2010 by Marie


In April 2009, I went on a trip with my oldest sister Sarah, a weekend away to Scotland, which she could combine with one of her trips for work. We both felt like seeing lots of nature and no tourists, so we drove off to the north, as far as we could for a two-day outing. After three or four hours of driving, we reached “Glen Cannich”, a valley that was cut out by a glacier a long long time ago. These days, it’s a nature reserve. There’s just one very narrow asphalt road meandering through the long valley, often running parallel to the calm river flowing between the hills. After 20 minutes of winding road, we stop the car and get out to admire the gushing water. The scenery definitely looks very fairy-like. I take my little plastic letter board, my sister takes a pen and notebook and together we find a dry spot to sit.

To the deva of this Glen: who are the creatures who live here and who should we talk to, and how are things around here?

– “It’s hard to call me a Deva, I’m rather ‘the water being’. I have the highest position around here. That’s because this valley was created by water. I have a lot of beings under me who carry out a lot of tasks. We have the small water beings and then there are the beings of the silent banks. [at this point, we indeed realize how quiet the river banks are in comparison to the rushing river] Also the trees are important and we also have the beings of the air. Every category has great and small and tiny creatures.”

What are the tasks these beings have to carry out?

– “All the tasks of nature. That is construction, maintenance and desintegration.”

Who would be good to hear?

– “You can talk to the beings of the river bank.”


Is there anything else the great water being would like to say?

– “I’m lucky. I live in a place where not many people come. I even have people here who come and ask me questions and hear my replies. And who look at the sentences I tell them. I mean, when I talk about the silent banks, they know what I mean and they see what I mean. A lot of my fellow beings are not as lucky as I am. They are being driven into a corner and find it hard to ‘manage’ and deal with the pollution.
I would like to ask the people to occasionally have an eye for the needs/distress of the subtle beings. Only this already means a lot to us. Sometimes it’s all you can do, but nevertheless it has importance and meaning. Often people walk around without looking at what they see, and as a consequence they see nothing except themselves and their thoughts. I ask people to open up to what is around them. This openness will cause their lives as well as ours to become lighter because we can make a subtle contact, without words but no less real.”

Thank you for this conversations, great water being.
Afterwards, we also talked to ‘the beings of the river bank’, you can read about this next time!


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